Thursday, June 07, 2012

Random thoughts

  • Paula and I were home alone last night.... Paula and I do "restful evenings" very well.  In fact we have it down to a fine art.  I'm going to miss our "home alone" nights when she leaves the nest! 
  • Talking of which, we are planning a change of nest!  The plan is to move to Hillcrest at the end of next year.  I wish the time would come already, I hate having a big change hanging over me.  Especially when it involves the buying and selling of homes and the relocating of very many animals and the packing of a million or so boxes...
  • I feel so good on my new exercise routine.  Doing the right thing definitely makes me feel better, I wonder why I then have the natural tendency to want to do the wrong thing?!
  • I had to go to the dentist yesterday and got myself into quite a state about it.  Walking to my car on my way to the dreaded appointment (which by the way turned out to be an absolute breeze!) I realised that I had been pushing buttons on my cell phone by mistake, glanced down and the buttons I had pushed had spelt "pooooppp"  I thought that was quite apt!
  • The dentist told me I need to use Sensodyne toothpaste.  That's such an old lady kind of thing to have to do....
  • Seems like I'm fast becoming an old lady.  The guy at the check-out at Game last Wednesday asked me if I have a Senior Citizens card!!!  Can.You. Believe. It?!  My holy aunt, I must look positively ancient.
  • We're all going on a Summer holiday.  Yay!  That should hopefully make me look younger and feel more relaxed.
  • Winter has finally arrived on the East Coast of Africa and I for one couldn't be more delighted! 
  • Best I get some work done.

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