Monday, July 30, 2012

A photographer she is not!

I'm a cruel and horrible mom, but I just have to post this.  Hoping my Paula-girl will forgive me ;-)

If you want your photo taken, Paula is clearly not your go-to girl!

Photo taken by Grant of Paula and her boy-friend, Calvin:

Paula reciprocates by taking this photo of Grant and me:

Photo taken by Grant of Paula and Cal at the Roman forum:

In return Paula takes this stunning photo (not!) of Grant and me:

Finally, Grant took this photo of Paula and Cal:

And Paula took this one for us (gotta love the lady who appears to be scratching my bottom!):

So if you're wondering why there are very few photos of Grant and me on the blog I did of our holiday... you've got your answer!

Love you Paulz xx


Lynette said...

Hehe...maybe she is just not that into photography.

Fifi said...

Love your humor!

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