Saturday, December 20, 2014

December Reflections Day 20 - 2014 was....

Family time at Highland Nook:

Having the Smith's to stay and a baby shower:

Taking our bump to the rugby:

The agonising wait for our baby to arrive:

The unbelievable joy of that first glimpse (I still can't look at that photo without tearing up!)

The indescribable emotion of seeing this face, my daughter, the radiant first-time-mommy (can't look at this one without tearing up either!)

All of us falling a little more in love every single day:
An amazing trip to Europe with the Smiths (the stuff bucket-lists are made of):

Watching our baby girl grow:

First plane ride for our little munchkin:

The oldest family member meeting the youngest family member:

Quality time with my favourites, special memories being made:

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