Monday, December 22, 2014

December Reflections Day 22 - Fragrant

I have no doubt that the creator of the December Reflections intended for this photo prompt to inspire a Christmassy picture... but for the love of life, nothing Christmassy jumped out at me today.  So instead, I chose to feature my ultimate fragrant indulgence.  Honestly, there is no better fragrance in the world, in my opinion, than Karma soap by Lush.  It is The Bomb. 

I initially heard about this soap on a blog I used to read.  This woman raved on and on about Karma soap and, as I suffer terribly from FOMO (fear of missing out!) I decided that I had to get my hands on a bar of it.  Now at the time there was not a Lush shop in South Africa, so getting some soap into my paw became a major challenge, but I am nothing if not up for a challenge and so the soap duly arrived in my post box.  Well, it was not love at first sniff, surprisingly.  I don't know what I was expecting, but it was NOT this fragrance.  Frankly, I was a little disappointed, but that was until I actually showered with the stuff.... and then the love affair began. 

You see, underneath this matronly exterior there lies a happy, hidden, hippy and the fragrance of this soap channels that rather bohemian, inner-me perfectly.  There will never be another fragrance that is more genuinely me.  I honestly can't describe how much I love this smell.  It is my heroin! 

For years I have wheeled and dealed and begged and pleaded and almost flipping prostituted myself to get my fix of my Karma... Really, I have bribed the aunts of friend's friends and the fathers of my daughter's friend's cousins, and anyone else I can possible get to agree, to procure my Karma soap and bring it back to South Africa for me.  But I don't have to humble myself that way anymore, because the gods have smiled on me and a Lush store has finally opened down the road in Gateway.  Hallelujah! 

And, no, Lush didn't sponsor me to wax lyrical like this, it was all my own doing :-)

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