Tuesday, December 30, 2014

December Reflections Day 30 - Thank you for...

So, 2014, you are nearly done and I want to thank you for:

* All the wonderful times I have shared with my girls.  I so love living close to my girls and the tight-knit, supportive, loving family that we are.  I am forever grateful. 

* Isabella!  I'll never forget 2014 because that's the year that gave me my Isa-boo, and turned my Rox into a wonderful mom.

That little poppet carries my heart in her teeny-tiny little hand x
* Paula settling so well at VarsityShew, I don't deny that I had many sleepless nights about Paula heading off to Varsity.  But it's turned out just fine, she has made such lovely friends and is doing very well academically.  I have a very thankful heart.


* My Jax is becoming an old lady and her health isn't the best.  I am grateful for each and every day that 2014 offered me with this precious dog, my constant and faithful companion.  Love her more than words can say.

* EuropeOur trip to Europe this year was the stuff that dreams are made of.  I am forever grateful that we have had the opportunity to travel the way we have.

* Lisa.  This year marked 40 years of friendship!  Lis and I have seen each other through so many ups and downs I don't think I even remember them all.  She's my "sister-from-another-mother".  It was so special that we got to cruise together this year. 

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