Wednesday, April 29, 2015

April Love: My eyes

My eyes.  Hmmm.  There is this thing about my eyes.  You see, when God was handing out eye lashes, I think I must have been playing tiddly-winks around the corner; because truly, I got the most pathetic eye lashes ever - the runt of the eyelashes-litter, the rejects, the left-over eye lashes that nobody else wanted. 

My eye lashes are sparse, very sparse, they are short and, while not exactly pale, they are neutral-coloured, to be honest my eye lashes are almost non-existent.  Pathetic.  I rely HEAVILY on mascara (bless the inventors of mascara, I am forever in their debt!)  If I don't wear eye make-up I find my family asking me if I am feeling unwell.  I look like a plucked chicken.  I would never go out in public without mascara, ever.  No sirreeee.  Never going to happen. 

I think I inherited my pathetic eye lashes from my mother.  She also never went without make-up.  One day, shortly before she died, she had to be rushed to hospital, she was very, very ill indeed.  The paramedics were wheeling her to the ambulance and I was walking alongside the stretcher, feeling quite traumatised, wondering whether she was about to die (she had been found unconscious that morning, it was horrible.)  Suddenly, she pulled the oxygen mask off and demanded to know whether I had packed her mascara?  I said I wasn't sure and she insisted that the paramedics wait while I scratched through her overnight bag to see whether the mascara was there!  Of course it wasn't - why would I have packed mascara for a woman on her death-bed?!  I was forced to run inside and find it while the bemused paramedics looked on in disbelief..  Yes, she was a feisty woman alright, what she lacked in eye lashes she made up for in personality!!

This post is part of  the April Love series, the brain-child of Susannah Conway.  In Susannah's words:
The theme of the challenge, as you’ve probably guessed, is LOVE — love for ourselves, our lives, the world around us. LOVE expressed in gratitude and kindness. February might have Valentine but we’ve got April LOVE :)If you'd like to get in on the action, you can sign up here.

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