April Love - My Superpower

Hmmmmm. Tough prompt today!

I gave it a little thought and decided that my superpower is anxiety... well, heaven knows, I can produce more anxiety in one day than some people do in a lifetime.....

But seriously, off the top of my head I had no idea what my superpower is!  So I thought I'd take a test to find out.  I did this one

My result was this:

I really rather liked that result!  But it's also a leetle bit worrying, because, having spent some time in therapy in the last couple of years, I have discovered that I am hugely co-dependent and wanting to help everyone around me and make sure that they are happy is one of the glaring symptoms of my co-dependency.  So yeah, I'm working on being a little less helpful!
Really digging deep, I think that my superpower is my ability to see all the faults, pitfalls and weaknesses in my life and to carry on regardless.   To try to make the best of the hand I have been dealt.  My ability to "just keep going".  I'll claim that as my superpower!

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