Taking Stock: May 2015

I can't believe the month of May is almost over and we are heading towards mid-Winter (what Winter??  Here on the East coast of Africa it feels more like Summer!) and almost mid-way through the year.  Craziness! 

I had such good intentions for this year, but it feels like time is running away with me and I seem to be busy doing 1000 things except those things that I should actually be doing.  So what have I been doing?

Making : To-do lists
Cooking : nothing tonight, yay!  Going to the Bellevue Market instead.
Drinking : Green tea with mint
Reading: Nights of Rain and Stars by Maeve Binchy
Wanting: money.... and lots of it.
Looking: forward to the weekend
Playing: nothing.... I don't play people, I work! wink
Deciding: where to go to watch the Comrades Marathon this weekend
Wishing: I was going on an overseas vacation next month.
Enjoying: the amazing May weather... I do so love May, if the weather could be like this year-round I would be one happy girl!
Waiting: For Monday to start my new eating plan (yeah right!)
Liking: the way the fairy garden Grant and I have created is turning out. (yip, I had my man create me a fairy garden....)
Wondering: who to see about my painful right foot, been to the podiatrist, been to physio.... who to see next??
Loving: Jeremy Loops.  He's just lovely. My Paula-girl fell for him first and now I'm smitten too.
Pondering: Why it is that, although I know doing yoga every morning makes me feel good, and makes my day go SO much better, I don't do it?
Considering: Forcing my lazy ass out of bed early tomorrow to do some yoga.
Buying: Something delicious to eat tonight at the Bellevue market.
Watching: The leaves moving in the gentle breeze outside my window.
Hoping: to do a Med cruise next year!
Marvelling: at how blessed I am.  Not everything has gone right in my life, but SO much has.
Cringing: at the number the scale is reflecting when I step on it.
Needing: some new clothes really badly.
Questioning: a lot of things...
Smelling: not a lot actually....my sinuses are buggered
Wearing: Jogger-pants and a T-shirt.  My new Winter uniform, bless the person who created jogger pants!
Following: so many new blogs lately, I can hardly keep up.
Noticing: that I need a hair-cut

Thinking: that I need to blog more frequently
Admiring: all those brave souls who are running the Comrades on Sunday.
Sorting: out my clothes cupboard this weekend.  I have procrastinated for long enough!
Getting: slightly nauseated at the thought of how few clothes I will have left once I have cleaned out my clothes cupboard.
Bookmarking: Remember The Milk... it's the nicest on-line to-do list site I have found, so simple and handy. (Thank you Paula for introducing me to it xx)
Covetingthis kitchen (and the dog!) and this bedroom
Disliking: the negativity on some of the groups I belong to on facebook... really, I am shocked at how rude some people can be to total strangers.
Opening: another Terry's orange chocolate is probably not a good idea, but damn it sounds nice.
Giggling: at the photo Paula sent me of her and her BFF at the spa... gotta love the face mask look! Dare I share it??  Nah, I value my life.
Feeling: relaxed (and yes, that's a miracle!)
Snacking:  on Terry's orange chocolate, brought for me all the way from the UK by my BFF Lisa
Helping: the Becca-dog to grow into a good dog is easier said than done. 
Hearing: nothing but the sound of some happy little birds... nice!

The list above is from Meet Me at Mikes feel free to join in and pop a comment in her box..

A Weekend of Markets

We love going to markets and it seems to me that the Durban market scene is burgeoning.  It feels like we are spoilt for choice every time we decide to visit a local market. 

Shongweni Market

Last Saturday we decided to take our visitors from the Netherlands to the Shongweni Market.  Shongweni Market generally ticks all the boxes for us: it's close to home, there are wonderful choices for breakfast, there is a nice "countrified" vibe, most of the stalls stock home-produced produce and dogs are welcome.  What more could we ask for?

Shongweni Market
Shongweni Market

The Morning Trade

On Sunday we decided to stop by The Morning Trade for brunch.  This is another of our favourite markets - there are always wonderful brunch choices and the coffee is excellent.  This market has plenty of deliciously interesting food stalls, freshly baked breads, baked goodies and the most delicious almond milk (a favourite of mine!) and fresh lemonade on offer.  There is definitely a slant towards organic, healthy choices and vegetarians won't go hungry at this market.  The Morning Trade has recently moved from its previous location on Morrison Street, to Station Road - near to the old Lion Match factory.
The Morning Trade
The Morning Trade
The Morning Trade
Zak & Tonics


It's been such a sad couple of weeks.  Paula and her boyfriend of 4 years have broken up.  She's heartbroken, he's heartbroken, I'm heartbroken... we're all heartbroken.  It's just horrible

They were such a cute couple, and having begun dating when they were fifteen, they have pretty much grown up together.  He fitted in so beautifully with our family, it's like he seamlessly became "one of us".  But the sad truth is that once they finished school and began student life, they simply didn't fit together quite so well anymore.  They tried really hard to make things work, but once those cracks started to appear there was no stopping them.  The last several months things have been strained and I think the break-up was inevitable.  It's just so hard.   I love these kids so much and to see them hurting like this hurts me.  My momma heart is aching for both of them.  

I guess the reality is that this is one of those storms that we all have to weather at one point or another.  No doubt there will be lessons learnt and character growth as they move on from all of this.  But in the meantime, my heart aches for them and I wish I could just hug them better....