Wednesday, May 06, 2015


It's been such a sad couple of weeks.  Paula and her boyfriend of 4 years have broken up.  She's heartbroken, he's heartbroken, I'm heartbroken... we're all heartbroken.  It's just horrible

They were such a cute couple, and having begun dating when they were fifteen, they have pretty much grown up together.  He fitted in so beautifully with our family, it's like he seamlessly became "one of us".  But the sad truth is that once they finished school and began student life, they simply didn't fit together quite so well anymore.  They tried really hard to make things work, but once those cracks started to appear there was no stopping them.  The last several months things have been strained and I think the break-up was inevitable.  It's just so hard.   I love these kids so much and to see them hurting like this hurts me.  My momma heart is aching for both of them.  

I guess the reality is that this is one of those storms that we all have to weather at one point or another.  No doubt there will be lessons learnt and character growth as they move on from all of this.  But in the meantime, my heart aches for them and I wish I could just hug them better....

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Lynette Jacobs said...

So sorry. I know your mothers heart xx

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