Friday, May 29, 2015

Taking Stock: May 2015

I can't believe the month of May is almost over and we are heading towards mid-Winter (what Winter??  Here on the East coast of Africa it feels more like Summer!) and almost mid-way through the year.  Craziness! 

I had such good intentions for this year, but it feels like time is running away with me and I seem to be busy doing 1000 things except those things that I should actually be doing.  So what have I been doing?

Making : To-do lists
Cooking : nothing tonight, yay!  Going to the Bellevue Market instead.
Drinking : Green tea with mint
Reading: Nights of Rain and Stars by Maeve Binchy
Wanting: money.... and lots of it.
Looking: forward to the weekend
Playing: nothing.... I don't play people, I work! wink
Deciding: where to go to watch the Comrades Marathon this weekend
Wishing: I was going on an overseas vacation next month.
Enjoying: the amazing May weather... I do so love May, if the weather could be like this year-round I would be one happy girl!
Waiting: For Monday to start my new eating plan (yeah right!)
Liking: the way the fairy garden Grant and I have created is turning out. (yip, I had my man create me a fairy garden....)
Wondering: who to see about my painful right foot, been to the podiatrist, been to physio.... who to see next??
Loving: Jeremy Loops.  He's just lovely. My Paula-girl fell for him first and now I'm smitten too.
Pondering: Why it is that, although I know doing yoga every morning makes me feel good, and makes my day go SO much better, I don't do it?
Considering: Forcing my lazy ass out of bed early tomorrow to do some yoga.
Buying: Something delicious to eat tonight at the Bellevue market.
Watching: The leaves moving in the gentle breeze outside my window.
Hoping: to do a Med cruise next year!
Marvelling: at how blessed I am.  Not everything has gone right in my life, but SO much has.
Cringing: at the number the scale is reflecting when I step on it.
Needing: some new clothes really badly.
Questioning: a lot of things...
Smelling: not a lot sinuses are buggered
Wearing: Jogger-pants and a T-shirt.  My new Winter uniform, bless the person who created jogger pants!
Following: so many new blogs lately, I can hardly keep up.
Noticing: that I need a hair-cut

Thinking: that I need to blog more frequently
Admiring: all those brave souls who are running the Comrades on Sunday.
Sorting: out my clothes cupboard this weekend.  I have procrastinated for long enough!
Getting: slightly nauseated at the thought of how few clothes I will have left once I have cleaned out my clothes cupboard.
Bookmarking: Remember The Milk... it's the nicest on-line to-do list site I have found, so simple and handy. (Thank you Paula for introducing me to it xx)
Covetingthis kitchen (and the dog!) and this bedroom
Disliking: the negativity on some of the groups I belong to on facebook... really, I am shocked at how rude some people can be to total strangers.
Opening: another Terry's orange chocolate is probably not a good idea, but damn it sounds nice.
Giggling: at the photo Paula sent me of her and her BFF at the spa... gotta love the face mask look! Dare I share it??  Nah, I value my life.
Feeling: relaxed (and yes, that's a miracle!)
Snacking:  on Terry's orange chocolate, brought for me all the way from the UK by my BFF Lisa
Helping: the Becca-dog to grow into a good dog is easier said than done. 
Hearing: nothing but the sound of some happy little birds... nice!

The list above is from Meet Me at Mikes feel free to join in and pop a comment in her box..

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