Friday, July 31, 2015

10 Favourite Baby Products

Being involved with a baby again, 20 years after my last baby was born, has been very interesting to say the least.  So much has changed in the world of baby products since last I was a consumer!  The first time I walked through Baby City with Roxy, shortly after she announced her pregnancy, I was literally gobsmacked.  It was completely overwhelming, there were too many products, too many choices, just way, way too much stuff!  We wandered around for ages and walked out overwhelmed and empty-handed.  But that didn't last long!  It became a favourite haunt during her pregnancy and the family spent many hours (and a lot of money!) there before Isabella made her appearance.  I also spent hours on, building quite the library for my Issy.  And then there was my love-affair with the baby section in Woolworths...  It was such fun.

As it turns out, some of the things we bought turned out to be completely unnecessary and useless, other things were surprise hits.  Funny how that happens...

I thought I would do a post today on 10 of the things we bought (or that Rox and Jon were given) for Issy that were hits.

Graco Evo Pram

Rox and Jon spent a lot of time looking at prams and once they had narrowed it down to a choice of 3 or 4, Grant and I went to the shop with them (as the pram was our gift to them) and we wrestled with prams for a good hour or so.  Rox and Jon eventually decided that the Graco Evo was The One and they haven't regretted the choice.  Roxy loved that the 3 different "modules" fitted independently into the base.  The carry cot was what little Issy slept in for the first few weeks of her life, right up next to Rox and Jon's bed.  It was a breeze moving her from the car to the pram by simply leaving her in the car seat and then clicking it into either the car or pram.  The nice big storage basket was also a bonus. Her pram days are pretty much over though, Rox finds it easier to use a stroller now that Issy is bigger.

Ludi Zen Nature Cocoon
Ludi Zen Nature Cocoon
The little contraption above is something I bought online on a whim one day.  It's a travel bed that is easy to fold and very lightweight.  Rox and I work from home, so this little "nest" is ideal for keeping in the office for Issy to nap in.  (I bought a travel cot mattress to use in it, as the mattress it came with was very thin.)  Now that she is bigger Issy loves to play in it.  It's very easy to move from one room to another.  This has probably been the single most useful thing I bought Issy.   A surprise hit!

Baby swing

The swing pictured above isn't exactly the same as the one we got Issy, but it's similar.  Roxy loved having the baby swing in the kitchen while she cooked when Issy was tiny.  Issy was quite happy in it and it freed up Rox's hands.

The moment I heard that I had a grandchild on the way, I set about buying books for the babe.  What better excuse to spend hours browsing the internet for books? :)  I did loads of research and Matthew Van Fleet's books kept on cropping up all over the web.  I was rather shocked at how expensive they were, but eventually I splurged and bought "Dog" with my ebucks.  When it arrived I fell instantly in love.  It is the cutest book ever!  It wasn't long before I added "Cat" to the collection.  More will no doubt follow.  Issy LOVES these books.  She looks at them every single day - they're very interactive which is great fun for a toddler.

The world of bum cream has changed considerably since I was mom to a babe-in-nappies.   Let me just tell you, Bepanthen is The Bomb!  Isabella hasn't had a nappy rash at all.  Not one!

Elizabeth Anne's
When Rox was born, tiny and premature, with the most fragile skin, the Sisters in the Neonatal ICU unit refused to allow any baby toiletries other than Elizabeth Anne's to come into the NICU.  So I started my journey as a mom with Elizabeth Anne's and I hardly ever used anything else.  Rox uses Elizabeth Anne's for Issy too.  Nothing beats that smell on a baby and it's just so kind to their little skins.  Love it!

Fruit bags

These are the niftiest little gadgets!  You unscrew the top pop a piece of fruit in and let the baby chomp on it to their heart's content with no risk of choking.  So clever! Wish I'd had a couple of these when my girls were little.

Issy loves her taglet a.k.a  "dudu cloth".  She holds it when she gets sleepy and then sleeps with it cuddled up to her.  

Issy received a hand-knitted pink cardigan, very similar to the one pictured above, from her Aunty June when she was born.  She wore that cardigan again...and again... and again... until it was pretty much worn out.  It matched beautifully with so many of her clothes, looked utterly adorable on her, was just the right weight for our weather and best of all, it didn't entail having to wrestle something over her head!

So. those are the 10 Favourites that Roxy and I came up with.  It'll be interesting to see what products are most useful as Issy gets older.

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Louise Corrans said...

So cute, and am loving reading your blog. So glad I found it again. I totally went off the blogging grid during my divorce. Lovely to be back. I am glad you bought baby books - I was determined to make my son love books, and from day 1 as a baby I showed him books, then read to him, and now, he begs me to read to him every night. It's a bit exhausting, but I do it. LOL. So I have succeeded.

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