Thursday, July 23, 2015

10 things I have never done:

I have never jumped from a dizzy height – think bungee jumping or parachuting... yeah, that’s NEVER going to happen!

That’s my crazy daughter right there^^ Ohmyshatterednerves…

I have never ridden a motorbike – I have ridden ON a motorbike - in my wild younger days (Note to Roxy and Paula – don’t EVER do something so stupid. Please. Just don’t.) but I have never actually ridden the thing myself.... and yeah, that’s NEVER going to happen!

I have never intentionally killed another mammal. And that is DEFINITELY never going to happen. I don’t eat my fellow mammals either. I find I am much more at peace now that I can look cows, sheep and pigs in the eye without guilt.... I totally do not understand why some people consider hunting, bull-fighting and that sort of thing enjoyable.

I haven’t been to the USA, South America, the Far East, Russia, Scandinavia or Australia and a number of other places in between. I certainly hope to tick those off my list one day.

I have never committed a crime. Well if you don’t count stealing a pecan nut from the Athenaeum tearoom when I was 11 years old ... and yes, I got caught and was gripped by the ear and escorted to the door of the establishment. I am clearly not cut out for a life of crime!

I have never done drugs of any sort. Nope, not even pot. I HATE not being in control, so the thought of being stoned scares me witless. Never going to happen!

I’ve never had a tattoo done. I have wrestled with this one on and off... I even have a Pinterest board dedicated to tattoos. I just have a really hard time committing to one.

I have never given birth naturally. Not because I’m “too posh to push”… I had great ideas of having a home-birth… was just never meant to be unfortunately.

I have never been scuba diving. Gosh no! The thought makes me claustrophobic! Never going to happen.

I have never voted for the ruling party ever. I have always been an opposition kind of gal :)

So, what haven't YOU done?

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