Friday, July 17, 2015

5 on Friday

I love reading blogs, it's a bit of an obsession.  Because I follow a lot of blogs, I find it helps to use an app of sorts to organise and keep track of my favourite blogs.  I use Feedly and find it very user-friendly.  My feedly page is chock-full of blogs and I seem to continuously be adding yet more blogs to the list.

Today I thought I'd share the links to five blog posts that tickled my fancy this week.

This post on Angel's Mind - I've been following Angel's experiences as she raises guide dogs for several years now and it has been eye-opening, there is SO much more to it than you would think.

So this post is technically not something I saw this week, but I felt I had to include it, because I keep going back to this post to have another look.  This makeover on Maskcara.  As far as makeovers go, this one takes the cake.  Wow!  I have been following Kate's blog for ages and love her fresh, feminine look, but seeing the end result of the makeover, while not her usual look, it blew me away!

I love Clementine Creative, mainly because I am rather obsessed with stationery and she regularly posts free-printables.  This week she posted these cute chalkboard style tags, that I thought were adorable.

And finally I love this blog, where you can download the most gorgeous desktops each month, that I found through this fascinating blog written by a woman who is living in China for a year.

So there you have it, my bloggy finds for the week :)

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