Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Good-bye my precious Chloe-dog...

I'm heartbroken to have to say good-bye to my precious Chloe-dog today. 

From the moment we brought this Boerbul x Bullmastiff (who turned out to be at least 3/4 wiry-haired pavement-special!!) home, she has had a special place in our hearts. 

She never did manage to embrace the fact that she was an "outside-based" watch-dog and loved to sneak inside for naps on our beds.... when she wasn't obsessively guarding her food bowl of course!

She was given 6 months to live more than 3 years ago, but chose not to be a "Dying Dog" and instead found a new lease on life - happily barking at the Rottweiler next door, tearing through the garden beds with reckless abandon... and obsessively guarding that food bowl.... always obsessively guarding that food bowl (although she was quite willing to share her food with the local hadedas - inside that rugged exterior was a softie!)

Unfortunately her time ran out today and she has left a hole in our lives that no other dog will ever fill. Love you my Chlo-be-dobes... Hoping that the food bowls in heaven are always full for you my girl. Forgive me for not saying a proper good-bye my pooch xx

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