Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Taking Stock: July 2015

I had intentions of taking stock at the end of every month, but the end of June came and went and I just never got to it... ah, such is life!  Anyway, here I am, taking stock today:

Making : plans for our June 2016 holiday... what can I say? I'm a girl who likes to plan ahead!
Cooking : This evening I will be cooking One Pot Garlic Parmesan Fettucine - the most amazing, easy recipe that I found on Damn Delicious.  I've created a printable copy of the recipe hereYou're welcome :)
Drinking : Earl Grey tea
Reading: Fly Away (the sequel to Firefly Lane) by Kristin Hannah
Wanting: to find some peace in my heart, my "stuff" is getting me down today.
Looking: knackered
Playing: at working
Deciding: to cheer up, to be positive
Wishing: I was a naturally cheerful person
Enjoying: the warm Winter sun
Waiting: to hear that my girls got to the South Coast safely.
Liking: Back to the Beach by Shekhinah & Kyle Deutsch's catchy and very Durban.  Yes, I like it.

Wondering: whether we can squeeze an overnight stay in Bruges into our June 2016 holiday
Loving: This pic of my girls and me, taken in the park on Sunday

Pondering: what makes me happy.  Well my answer is right there^^^ isn't it?!
Considering: How I am going to lose all the weight I have gained.
Buying: toys for my Issy-boo..  She needs things to play with when she is at my house.
Watching: Paula's incorrigible mutt digging a hole in my garden.
Hoping: The mutt ^^ stops before it gets to Australia
Marvelling: At the energy of this mutt^^!
Cringing: at the latest revelations in the Bill Cosby sex scandal
Needing: Some clothes, but I refuse to buy any until I lose weight
Questioning: Why I turn to food when I am feeling down?
Smelling: Nothing, my sinuses are poked.
Wearing: fluffy slippers, track-pants and a long-sleeved top... my Winter staples.
Following: a couple of new peeps on Instagram and discovering that I really DO enjoy Instagram
Noticing: that I am genuinely hungry
Knowing: that I will probably make the wrong (fattening) choice when it comes to my options for lunch.
Thinking: that I need to develop some self-discipline
Admiring: the Duchess of Cambridge's elegance at Princess Charlotte's christening.  That girl has her style nailed, she gets it right every time!
Sorting: out my state of mind is my No.1 priority
Getting: fitter is my No.2 priority
Bookmarking: IndieBerries blog
Coveting: This laundry 

Disliking: Myself in general and the mood I am in specifically.
Opening: a new tab on this here computer
Giggling: nope, not having a giggly kind of day.
Feeling: down, sad, miserable, depressed, woe-is-me....
Snacking: on Salty biscuits with Boston pickle and some gorgeous Dutch cheese we got as a gift.
Helping: myself to another biscuit!
Hearing: my husband talking on the phone, the joys of sharing an office-space ... why do we always talk SO loudly when we are on the phone?

I found Taking Stock on Meet Me at Mike's blog - feel free to join in too, if you do please post a comment so I can swing by and have a look at your stock take :)

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Isabel said...

Hi Gill! I enjoyed reading your Taking Stock. I hope you feel more cheerful by now. We all struggle with making healthy choices when it comes to eating, so you're not alone. Don't beat yourself up too hard :) The photo of you and your girls in the park is gorgeous. Have a good week! Isabel