Friday, August 21, 2015

My tribe

It's fascinating to me how relationships shift and settle over time.   I've watched it happening over the years with my girls.  There's a 5.5 year age gap between Roxy and Paula.  In general, I LOVE how that age gap worked for us but, on the down-side, it didn't make for a particularly close relationship between the girls while they were growing up.  The first time they grew particularly attached to one another was when Rox was 18 and Paula was 12.  Rox started working as a Teacher's Assistant at the school Paula was at and Paula just looooved being driven to school by her sister and having her sister working there.  That was the start of a lovely bond between them and over the years that bond has grown and grown.   They are SO close now, it really warms my heart to see it.

I have always been really close to both my girls, but in different ways.  I will never understand the dilemma some people have about having a "favourite" child.... my two have such distinctly different personalities that they are BOTH my favourites, but in completely different ways.

If I'm feeling down and need a laugh or a distraction, then Roxy is my go-to girl.  If I am feeling down and need to have a good heart-to-heart and some sympathy, then it's Paula I run to.  Roxy is my polar opposite - she is out-going, funny, happy-go-lucky and confident.  Paula is my mini-me - she is sensitive, very slightly OCD, hard-working, organised and a worrier of note.  Roxy challenges me, stretches me, makes me laugh and causes me to gain vast amounts of weight by eating my own body-weight in her cup-cakes.  Paula understands me, she really, really "gets" me, she comforts me, builds my confidence and is the best reading and music buddy in the world.

And then there is Issy.  Our precious, special, most gorgeous girl.  Loved and spoilt rotten by her Mummy, her Nana and her Lala all day, every day.

The four of us together are a little tribe.  We challenge each other, we build each other up, we stick together like super-glue and love each other madly.  I thank my lucky stars for these girls, these relationships, this love, every single day.


Geoff Maritz said...

Hello Gill.
Just popped in for a visit. Nice pictures of you and your girls, good photographer. My two are only 14 months apart and they grew up to be the best of friends. Completely different of course but still loving dad and each other madly. God has blessed you and me immensely.
Love from South Africa, Geoff.

Louise Corrans said...

I haven't read your blog in a while, so much happened in my life, but it's nice to catch up again after all these years.