Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Worst Dog in the World

Meet the worst dog in the world:

Her name is Becca, she's about 18 months old, and officially belongs to my daughter, Paula.

Paula adopted Becca in September last year, she was a rescue dog, about 5 months old at the time and had had a pretty rough start.

Right up front, let me say that I don't like drama, I like peace, calm, quiet, control, order......  Yeah... Becca doesn't understand that stuff!

Becca is a hooligan.  With Becca around there is ALWAYS drama, She is highly excitable, she is noisy, she is destructive.  Becca is, simply put, a force of nature to be reckoned with.

This dog has me tearing my hair out daily.  The things she does.....  

She chases things.  Becca chases the hadeda's, she chases my cat, she chases our other dogs and sometimes she chases imaginary things.  She likes to hump, she humps our legs, she humps Isabella, she humps our visitors, she tries to hump the cats and occasionally she humps a teddy bear... it's very disturbing!  She brings things inside that have no business being in my house - things like charcoal, branches, a decomposing frog and the skeleton of a small, unidentified animal!  She barks.  Most dogs bark, but Becca takes it to a whole new level.  She barks at passing cars, she barks at birds, she barks at the wind.  She barks the whole time our gardener tries to talk to me, to the point that we now have to use stealth if we want to have a conversation.  She barks when the telephone rings and she barks when anyone touches keys - be they house keys or car keys.  Weird!  She steals.  Becca steals toys from somewhere - we have no idea where they originate from - and this is really strange because Becca is a fenced in dog who cannot get to any of our neighbours' houses.  She loved stealing from the builders we had doing renovations - she stole their tools, their sand paper, their lunches and anything else they left lying about (they learnt very quickly!)  She goes places where no dog should go.  I have found Becca walking around on the coffee table, walking around on top of the dining room table, in the dishwasher and on my dressing table.

She is always up to something, always causing trouble, always destroying something and yet you can't help but admire her for her spirit and her spunk,  She is totally gifted in the area of bad behaviour.

I have known, owned and loved many dogs in my life-time and I have NEVER encountered a dog like Becca.

She is also precious and loving and insanely sweet.

Becca's redeeming feature is that she loves with ALL of her heart.  If you want to feel like a rock star all you need to do is wake up next to Becca.  I wake up, stretch one arm out to her and say "hello Becca" and I have instantly MADE her day.  She goes from this: a ball of frenzied joy and adulation.  I have made her day by simply opening my eyes and acknowledging her existence.  She jumps and shivers and kisses me and licks my face and leaps all over me and practically pees herself with joyful exuberance and adoration.  How can you not feel like the most important person that ever roamed the planet when your first conscious thought is that you are loved and adored beyond all reason?!

There is just something about this dog.  She has crept into my heart (and raised my blood pressure!) like no other dog I have ever encountered.  I firmly believe that one day we will remember her as the best worst dog we ever had. 

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♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys said...

Becca is a right character.
Is a little grandbaby I see in these pics ?
Some of the best friends come as rescue pets.
My worst cat in the world (one of 4) is also a rescue cat.
One minute she is growling at me and next at 5am she is trying to smooch me .