One + Four = Life

My intention is to do these One + Four = Life posts on a Saturday or Sunday... this week I am finally getting to it on Wednesday!  It's been a very tough week...

The first two photos were taken during our road-trip up to Springs, Gauteng.  There is something so beautiful about the barren landscape in the Free State.  

Photo number 3 is one of the roses my aunt planted in her garden many years ago.  We went up to Gauteng to spend the weekend with my elderly Uncle, who has stubbornly refused to move out of the house that he and my aunt had lived in their entire married life.  Our time spent there was so heart-wrenchingly sad and at times traumatic, this rose was one of the few things to brighten my day.  

The final photo was taken on our return.  We realised during our visit that my uncle can no longer live alone, so (much to his disgust!) we packed him up and have brought him to live with my Dad for the time being.

This post is part of the whole One + Four = Life thang... a concept that started on Meet Me at Mike's, and that is more recently being hosted by Nanjing Nian.

The idea is:   once a week, four photos, to document your life.  One + Four = Life

One + Four = Life: 19 September 2015

I'm starting something new today.  When I started this blog it was for the express purpose of recording the lives of my family.  Sometimes that purpose gets a little lost in amongst all the other bits and pieces I blog about.  When I saw the idea of One + Four = Life - first on Meet Me at Mike's and more recently on Nanjing Nian, I thought it would be a nice way of getting back to basics and recording the goings on in our family.  

The idea is:   once a week, four photos, to document your life.  One + Four = Life

So, I am going to try to do it weekly, as a way of remembering what we have been up to that week.  Be warned, the photos are probably not going to be of the greatest quality because (a) they are going to be taken by me! and (b) they'll be snapped on the run, using my phone.

1:  We spent the afternoon at the Oysterbox, enjoying cocktails in the Lighthouse Bar and then a wonderful High Tea to celebrate June's 60th birthday.

2:  Paula and June by the famous lighthouse.  Doesn't Junie look lovely at 60?!

3: A frequent sight on our driveway.  Roxy and Issy heading home from our house.  We are SO lucky to live next door to one another.

4:  In our kitchen first thing in the morning.  Roxy and Issy come up to have breakfast with us most days.  Usually it's a green smoothie.

Five on Friday

It's Friday!  Already!  Where do the days go??

This week I was quite busy, so I didn't do as much internet browsing as I usually do - which is probably a good thing!  But I did see this interesting article about the rare astronomical event that is coming to a sky near you on 28 September.

I loved this guy's take on vulnerability.

Reading this blog got me keen to start doing some serious journaling.

Loved the look of these hand-lettering tutorials.

And finally, I actually made these Cranberry and Apricot Nut Bars and they are awesome!


I've been a fan of Flylady for a long time.  I first stumbled upon the website about 10 years ago (geez, has it been that long?  Time flies!) and have used some of the principles in my home ever since.  The Flylady program is basically a system to get your home in order, using "babysteps" that eventually form a very do-able routine.

What I like about Flylady is that it's completely FREE of charge and it's not overwhelmingly complicated or intimidating, you start out really, really slowly and build from there.  I'm a great one for starting something and then getting put off because it's just really too much - that doesn't happen to me with Flylady.

A couple of weeks ago my daughter, my aunt and I decided to start the Flylady system from scratch and to work through it together.  I got the basic Flylady program off the website and tweaked it to suit the South African context a bit better, I created a pdf file from it, printed that out for us to use and we are working our way through it.  It's actually a lot of fun doing it with others to keep one accountable.

My home is enjoying all the attention being lavished on it and I'm starting to feel a little less stressed-out about all the housekeeping tasks that I wasn't getting to.

If you'd like to join in and "Fly" with us, let me know in the comments section, the more the merrier! 

Taking Stock

It's a new month and the start of a new season, so that seems as good an excuse as any to take stock.  

So, right now I am...

Making: myself comfortable on my favourite rocking chair.
Cooking : Well Grant's cooking tonight, but last night I made the most awesome Chickpea curry.  Recipe to follow soon!
Drinking : coffee sweetened with Agave syrup.  I've sworn off sugar for the month.
Reading:  the new Susan Wiggs - Starlight on Willow Lake.  I love her Lakeshore Chronicles books.
Wanting: A new Summer wardrobe! 
Looking: at the photos Rox just sent me of Issy in her new swimming costume.
 How cute is this little poppet?!

Playing: around with the idea of changing my hair colour, but I'm not sure yet. 
Deciding: that if I'm not sure about a new hair colour, then perhaps I should stick with what I've got!
Wishing: money wasn't a factor - there are lots of things I want to buy!
Enjoying: the thought of baby-sitting Issy tonight.  
Waiting: for warmer weather to kick-in so that I can get out of my daily uniform of trackpants!
Liking: the fact that I won't be cooking supper tonight.   It's lovely having a husband who enjoys cooking!
Wondering: what to do for supper on Saturday night, we have Dad and Astrid staying over.
Loving: the fact that we are eating so many veggie meals lately.
Pondering: the fact that, for once, I am actually sticking with my Word of the Year, which is "Steady"  
Considering: starting my Christmas shopping.  I know it's only September, but I aim to be done early this year.  Very early.
Buying: Christmas presents online seems like a good idea to me!
Watching: The Darling Budds of May - I recently bought the DVD set and we're loving it.
Hoping: that I can find some more nice series to buy when we have finished watching this one.

Marvelling: at how my Issy-girl is growing.  Just the other day she was a baby, now she's a toddler.
Cringing: at the size of my butt!  Wow, it's been a Winter of weight-gain! 
Needing: to get back into yoga.
Questioning:  Why I keep stopping my yoga practice.  
Smelling: varnish.  yeuch!  We are having our window frames varnished at the moment.
Wearing: track pants and a T-shirt.  Boring!
Following: a few fashion boards on Pinterest to inspire me for the Summer.
Noticing: that I have had a dull head-ache today.  I'm wondering if it is sugar-withdrawal?
Knowing: that I should probably stay off the sugar for good.  
Thinking: about the Summer.  I hope it's going to be a goody!
Admiring: this woman's gorgeous hair... Isn't it stunning?!
Sorting: through my Summer clothes was an eye-opener.  Not in a good way.
Getting: tired of the weight I have gained. 
Bookmarking: Stop, Breathe & Think.  I'm loving the guided meditations on this site.
Coveting: This look, only I would wear different jeans.
Disliking: all the drama about the Springbok rugby team.  Makes me sad. And a little mad.
Opening: a new book is always a thrill.  I started a new book last night and can't wait to dig in again later on today.
Feeling: settled, serene, steady.  Yay me!
Snacking: on naartjies.  I do love a naartjie!
Giggling: at my Jackie-dog who is begging for another segment of naartjie.  Crazy dog!
Helping: no, not feeling very helpful right now ;-)
Hearing: the wind blowing outside.  Hoping it brings some rain.

Feel free to join me in Taking Stock, please leave a comment if you do!

I found the original taking stock list at Meet Me at Mike's  (she has blank ones that you can copy and paste)