Wednesday, September 16, 2015


I've been a fan of Flylady for a long time.  I first stumbled upon the website about 10 years ago (geez, has it been that long?  Time flies!) and have used some of the principles in my home ever since.  The Flylady program is basically a system to get your home in order, using "babysteps" that eventually form a very do-able routine.

What I like about Flylady is that it's completely FREE of charge and it's not overwhelmingly complicated or intimidating, you start out really, really slowly and build from there.  I'm a great one for starting something and then getting put off because it's just really too much - that doesn't happen to me with Flylady.

A couple of weeks ago my daughter, my aunt and I decided to start the Flylady system from scratch and to work through it together.  I got the basic Flylady program off the website and tweaked it to suit the South African context a bit better, I created a pdf file from it, printed that out for us to use and we are working our way through it.  It's actually a lot of fun doing it with others to keep one accountable.

My home is enjoying all the attention being lavished on it and I'm starting to feel a little less stressed-out about all the housekeeping tasks that I wasn't getting to.

If you'd like to join in and "Fly" with us, let me know in the comments section, the more the merrier! 


Angel said...

I also signed up for Flylady about 10 years ago, but the mass of emails drove me nuts so I bailed!

Gill said...

They have changed it so that you don't need to receive the emails now - thankfully! Those emails were overwhelming...