Wednesday, September 30, 2015

One + Four = Life

My intention is to do these One + Four = Life posts on a Saturday or Sunday... this week I am finally getting to it on Wednesday!  It's been a very tough week...

The first two photos were taken during our road-trip up to Springs, Gauteng.  There is something so beautiful about the barren landscape in the Free State.  

Photo number 3 is one of the roses my aunt planted in her garden many years ago.  We went up to Gauteng to spend the weekend with my elderly Uncle, who has stubbornly refused to move out of the house that he and my aunt had lived in their entire married life.  Our time spent there was so heart-wrenchingly sad and at times traumatic, this rose was one of the few things to brighten my day.  

The final photo was taken on our return.  We realised during our visit that my uncle can no longer live alone, so (much to his disgust!) we packed him up and have brought him to live with my Dad for the time being.

This post is part of the whole One + Four = Life thang... a concept that started on Meet Me at Mike's, and that is more recently being hosted by Nanjing Nian.

The idea is:   once a week, four photos, to document your life.  One + Four = Life

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Anonymous said...

Hi Gill, oh, it must be so difficult for your Uncle. Wishing him, and you all, strength. Thinking of you. {The rose is beautiful; my favourite Aunt had a spectacular rose in her garden, too, but it was a sort of lilac/grey colour. It always stopped me in my tracks and I remember looking at it and looking at it for what felt like hours, because the colour was so so beautiful. I've never seen another rose that colour.