Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Taking Stock

It's a new month and the start of a new season, so that seems as good an excuse as any to take stock.  

So, right now I am...

Making: myself comfortable on my favourite rocking chair.
Cooking : Well Grant's cooking tonight, but last night I made the most awesome Chickpea curry.  Recipe to follow soon!
Drinking : coffee sweetened with Agave syrup.  I've sworn off sugar for the month.
Reading:  the new Susan Wiggs - Starlight on Willow Lake.  I love her Lakeshore Chronicles books.
Wanting: A new Summer wardrobe! 
Looking: at the photos Rox just sent me of Issy in her new swimming costume.
 How cute is this little poppet?!

Playing: around with the idea of changing my hair colour, but I'm not sure yet. 
Deciding: that if I'm not sure about a new hair colour, then perhaps I should stick with what I've got!
Wishing: money wasn't a factor - there are lots of things I want to buy!
Enjoying: the thought of baby-sitting Issy tonight.  
Waiting: for warmer weather to kick-in so that I can get out of my daily uniform of trackpants!
Liking: the fact that I won't be cooking supper tonight.   It's lovely having a husband who enjoys cooking!
Wondering: what to do for supper on Saturday night, we have Dad and Astrid staying over.
Loving: the fact that we are eating so many veggie meals lately.
Pondering: the fact that, for once, I am actually sticking with my Word of the Year, which is "Steady"  
Considering: starting my Christmas shopping.  I know it's only September, but I aim to be done early this year.  Very early.
Buying: Christmas presents online seems like a good idea to me!
Watching: The Darling Budds of May - I recently bought the DVD set and we're loving it.
Hoping: that I can find some more nice series to buy when we have finished watching this one.

Marvelling: at how my Issy-girl is growing.  Just the other day she was a baby, now she's a toddler.
Cringing: at the size of my butt!  Wow, it's been a Winter of weight-gain! 
Needing: to get back into yoga.
Questioning:  Why I keep stopping my yoga practice.  
Smelling: varnish.  yeuch!  We are having our window frames varnished at the moment.
Wearing: track pants and a T-shirt.  Boring!
Following: a few fashion boards on Pinterest to inspire me for the Summer.
Noticing: that I have had a dull head-ache today.  I'm wondering if it is sugar-withdrawal?
Knowing: that I should probably stay off the sugar for good.  
Thinking: about the Summer.  I hope it's going to be a goody!
Admiring: this woman's gorgeous hair... Isn't it stunning?!
Sorting: through my Summer clothes was an eye-opener.  Not in a good way.
Getting: tired of the weight I have gained. 
Bookmarking: Stop, Breathe & Think.  I'm loving the guided meditations on this site.
Coveting: This look, only I would wear different jeans.
Disliking: all the drama about the Springbok rugby team.  Makes me sad. And a little mad.
Opening: a new book is always a thrill.  I started a new book last night and can't wait to dig in again later on today.
Feeling: settled, serene, steady.  Yay me!
Snacking: on naartjies.  I do love a naartjie!
Giggling: at my Jackie-dog who is begging for another segment of naartjie.  Crazy dog!
Helping: no, not feeling very helpful right now ;-)
Hearing: the wind blowing outside.  Hoping it brings some rain.

Feel free to join me in Taking Stock, please leave a comment if you do!

I found the original taking stock list at Meet Me at Mike's  (she has blank ones that you can copy and paste)


Louise Corrans said...

Ooooh, I loved this post. I like knowing what goes on in someone's mind, their musings and thoughts. Your granddaughter is very, very adorable. (I assume Issy is your granddaughter, right?) Can I steal this post idea?

Gill said...

Feel free to steal the post idea, would love to read your take on it. My Issy is a poppet - having a granddaughter is the best!

Gill said...
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