Thursday, October 15, 2015


Sometimes life gets so messy and stressful that eventually I feel like my thoughts and feelings resemble a bowl of spaghetti - all twisted and mixed up with no clear beginning or end.  That's when I know I need to meditate.  I would love for my meditation practice to become part of my daily routine.  I know it would make my life so much calmer and less stressed... I have an issue with discipline right there!  But I'm working on it!

I wanted to share two things that have helped me SO much with my meditation practice.

First of all, the regular 21-day Meditation Experiences run by Oprah and Deepak.  I first began meditating with the help of one of these courses.  The courses are free and they are really, really good.  I find their approach very accessible for someone new to meditation, but at the same time I believe they would have value for someone who has been meditating for years.  There is a new course starting on 2 November, to read all about it, or to register click here.

And then a relatively new find, Stop, Breathe and Think.  This is such a brilliant app!  For those days when I haven't got loads of time to meditate, or I'm just feeling out of sorts and need some guidance, I click on Stop, Breathe and Think and choose a guided meditation.  It's a free app and I find it really fresh and user-friendly.

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Louise Corrans said...

Well, of course, I LOVE this post. I am all for meditation, even though I too don't do it daily and know that I should.