Sunday, October 11, 2015

One + Four = Life

It's been quite a big week in our household.  We welcomed Duke into our family on Monday.  Duke is a 7 year old pure-bred Weimaraner.  Unfortunately his former owner died very unexpectedly a month ago, so Duke was in urgent need of a new home, and we were very pleased to welcome him into ours.  He is an absolute darling and we already love him to bits!

I love this pic^^, it's so typical of our family... Paula chatting on the phone and dogs all over the place!

The intention was for Duke to be an "outside-dog".  Yeah.  That's not working out so well for us!

We went to Pallet Jack's for a relaxed family meal on Sunday night.  It was my first time there and I was really impressed.  It's paradise for families with children.  Issy had an absolute ball.  She was off to the playground the minute her little feet touched the floor.

We went down the coast for the weekend again.  Rox, Jon and Issy were also down the coast, visiting Jon's parents.  We got together for a braai on Saturday and Issy made a bee-line for the pool.  This little nunu is SUCH a water baby, absolutely fearless, which gives me the heebie-jeebies as she isn't water-safe yet.  I long for the day when she can swim to the edge unaided!  For now I keep an eagle eye on her!

Have a wonderful week all!

Joining in with One + Four = Life ... a concept that started on Meet Me at Mike's, and that is more recently being hosted by Nanjing Nian.


Carolyn said...

Duke is a biggy! Very sad that his owner died but lucky him to find a loving new home. I always had trouble getting my kiddies into the water! No confidence at all! all rectified now!

Louise Corrans said...

We also have big dogs that are meant to be "outside" dogs and yet they are permanently inside. We even provide them with blankets. Lol.