Monday, October 05, 2015

One + Four = Life

I really mean for this blog to consist of more than a weekly 1+4=life post....but things are so busy, busy, busy around here that we are barely keeping our heads above water.  Hopefully "normal service" will resume once things get back to normal towards the end of the month,

1. Paula and Issy picking mulberries.  It's precious to see my little granddaughter, Issy, learning the simple pleasures of life, like picking seasonal fruit.  She LOVES the mulberries and ends up with an adorable purple smile!  It warms my heart to see what a lovely aunt Paula is to this little girl.  

2. Roxy, Jon and Issy came for dinner on Thursday night and I happened to catch this moment on my phone camera.  I thought it was too sweet - Rox and Jon looking mischievous and Becca in the background keeping an eye on the situation.

3. We went down the coast on Friday afternoon to spend the weekend caring for Uncle Ian and boy did it do my heart good to see him looking so much better!  Just shows what a bit of good, home-cooked food and TLC can do for a body.

4. Early Saturday morning on the verandah.  Man, I miss this view!  The photo unfortunately doesn't do it justice.  We got to see quite a bit of whale activity, which was lovely.

Joining in with One + Four = Life ... a concept that started on Meet Me at Mike's, and that is more recently being hosted by Nanjing Nian.

The idea is:   once a week, four photos, to document your life.  One + Four = Life

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