Saturday, December 17, 2016

Best Decision of 2016

I think the best decision we made in 2016 was to do with our trip to Europe.  Initially, we had booked back-to-back cruises on the Celebrity Equinox - the first week would take us from Barcelona to Athens and the second week we'd cruise from Athens to Istanbul.  As the weeks progressed, after we'd made our booking, the situation in Istanbul became more unstable.  We um-ed and ah-ed and eventually decided to cancel the second cruise and instead fly from Athens to Corfu, where we'd spend the week.  It was a tough decision to make because our second cruise included some really lovely stops, but ultimately we felt that our safety was more important.  As it turned out it was the best decision we could have made - we absolutely loved our stay in Corfu.  We rented a wonderful villa (Villa Artemis) a short walk from Barbati Beach and we had the most idyllic, relaxing time ever.  

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