Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Blogs I love - the cooking edition

I have a weird relationship with cooking - on the one hand, the thought of having to cook a meal for my family to eat every evening is enough to drive me to drink, but on the other hand, I love searching for new and interesting recipes and experimenting with different flavours.  If I didn't have to cook every single day I think I'd absolutely love being in the kitchen, it's the relentless day-after-day-after-day of it that gets me down.  

As I said, I love finding new, interesting recipes to try out - trying something different seems to break the monotony of it all - so I have a long list of food blogs that I go to for inspiration.  There are two that have become firm favourites and that I turn to again and again when I want to cook something new:

Simply Delicious - Alida is a South African-based blogger, so that means the ingredients she uses are easy for me to source and I find her recipes suit my family, we seem to enjoy the same type of meals.  

Damn Delicious - Chungah's recipes really appeal to my family, some of them have become firm favourites that feature regularly on our meal rotation, they're also generally quick and easy to follow.

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