Thursday, January 19, 2017

Want to be a Road Warrior???

How awesome must it be to be young, energetic and free to roam?  (Not that I would actually want to trade my home and family commitments... although I'd be happy to shave a few years off my age!...but a girl can dream, right?)  What got me thinking about this is that the people at Cotopaxi have the most amazing opportunity for a lucky person to become their "Road Warrior", this person will travel throughout the US during the 2017 Questival tour.  The Questival is a 24-hour adventure race where teams compete in various exciting challenges (the challenges look incredible - bucket-list stuff!) and these adventure races are scattered literally right across the US, visiting every major city.  It looks absolutely amazing!

The fortunate person who becomes the Cotopaxi Road Warrior will get to road trip around the US, visit every major city, meet new people, visit state and national parks and basically have the adventure of a life-time. They will also help to distribute travel backpacks to each Questival participant, and these backpacks help to provide the most relief to the organizations Cotopaxi partners with.    (To read more about the humanitarian organisations that Cotopaxi partners with, click here.) So, not only will the Road Warrior be having a whole lot of fun, they'll be doing some good too. I'm kinda green with envy..... For details, click on the graphic below.

Cotopaxi road warrior photo cotopaxi_road_warrior_x2_v04 2_zpsmyq4mxc8.jpg

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