Monday, February 06, 2017

My morning routine

For the last few months I have been (very loosely) following the principles of the Miracle Morning, based on the book by Hal Elrod.  I honestly think that this may be one of my few "fads" that actually stick.  The difference I feel on the days that I follow my Miracle Morning routine is hugely noticeable - I feel better, calmer, more focused and quite simply more able to cope with whatever the day throws at me.

The basic idea of the Miracle Morning is to go through a few simple steps to start your day.  The steps are:

S - Silence - for me this translates into a little time spent meditating.

A - Affirmations - I run through a series of affirmation in my head, and sometimes say them out loud.

V - Visualisation - I spend a little while visualising the way I want my day to look and then I also visualise how I want my life to look and feel.

E - Exercise - for me this involves doing some yoga, in the form of Sun Salutations.

I wish my downward facing dog looked like that....

R - Read - the intention here is to read a self-development type of book.  I deviate from the plan here and do my reading in the evening. (Such a rebel I am....!)

S - Scribe - in other words, journal.  This is the one step I battle with - which is weird considering I LOVE to write.  My problem is that my mornings are the busiest part of my day and I find it hard to get into writing when my brain keeps on going "you need to do this, this and then that... before you start working this morning, get a move on girl!"  So I am trying to work on this,because I do believe that the journalling is important..

I don't spend ages on this routine, it's quite quick and easy to achieve (except the writing part!) before I start my day in earnest, but, boy, does it make a difference!  Honestly, you wouldn't believe the change. I find it really hard to have a bad day when my day starts so well.

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