All about July 2019

This month was all about:  a few different things actually: losing my Dad, stressing about Paula and Cal’s visa, a little holiday in Cornwall.

What I have been doing:  Grieving, thinking some deep thoughts about loss, reconciliation and gratitude… (some heavy emotional stuff’s been going on!)  Also…stress eating.... 
Places we went:  
“Pick-your-own” at Peterley farm - our first experience of picking our own fruit at a local farm.   

We visited the annual Prestwood Steam Festival - which turned out to be a much bigger event than we had imagined, we really enjoyed it.

Rox and I took the kids on a day-trip to London

The Missenden Abbey Summer Fair

Morris Dancers at Missenden Abbey

We spent 4 lovely days in Newquay, Cornwall

And finally, Grant and I spent a night on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent – the place my Whittle ancestor left when he came as an 1820 settler to South Africa.

What I read:  I’ve been reading lots of light, fun, happy reads.  I recently read a couple of books by local author, Pernille Hughes, that I really enjoyed.  I also enjoyed the “ComingBack to Cornwall” series by Katherine E Smith.

What we’ve been watching: Grant and I have been binge-watching “Call the Midwife” – we started watching it back in South Africa and then moved on to other things, so we are now catching up on the series we have missed.  It’s really interesting to watch, knowing that Grant’s 3x great grandfather was a missionary in Poplar back in the day.
We’ve been eating:  Loads of rubbish…which is why Grant and I have recently gone back to the tried-and-trusted eating plan we were on shortly before we left South Africa last year.  It’s an eating plan that works for us, that we find easy to follow and that we should stick to for life!                            
In July I loved… and loathed…..:   I loved all the roses and hydrangeas – Summer is really beautiful here!  

I fell in love with Cornwall  - we’ll definitely be returning there.  

I loathed going through another bereavement.  Losing my Dad was heart-wrenching.

Goodbye my sweet Dad

This morning I got a call from my brother, Rory, telling me that my father had passed away.  Such an utterly shattering thing....

I am left heartbroken...grieving... not only for the life lost, but for the time we never spent together.  The wasted years.

My Dad and I never saw each other for close on 40 years.  We made contact again about this time last year.  Since then we have been in contact pretty much daily.  In that short time he has come to mean so very much to me.  He has been so incredibly sweet, gentle and loving towards me and my family.  He has been my anchor in a really turbulent time.  I will be eternally grateful for this precious year I had with my Dad.  I will miss him so, so much.

Today it has been brought home to me again, in a very poignant way, that we really don't know how many days we have left on this Earth.  So make that call, send that message, hug your loved ones... don't wait, don't waste precious days.

Goodbye my sweet Daddy.  I love you and I'll forever be your Baby Blue.