Lockdown Day 38

A rather wet and miserable day today!  We lazed in bed this morning and decided not to brave the elements and walk.  I must admit I felt rather guilty watching rain-jacketed and gum-booted people walking past our window, heading up into the woods.

This afternoon we took a short stroll around the neighbourhood when the sun briefly put in an appearance. 

It's funny how being confined to the house kind of shrinks one's world.  I can now recognise most of the neighbourhood cats!  Grant erected a bird-feeder for me in the little park across the road from my kitchen window - well in theory it's a bird-feeder, in reality it is very much a squirrel-feeder (not too sure how well my neighbours will take to this scenario, but I live in hope) and I love watching the antics of the various squirrels that come and shamelessly feast on the bird food and of course, the neighbourhood cats all saunter around the place like they own the joint.  It provides endless entertainment!  So far the only birds that have appeared at the feeder are a cheeky magpie and a curious jackdaw, I'm hoping that over time we might see the odd tit or robin, but then again, considering the number of cats that are on the prowl, this is probably wishful thinking.

Grant and I are debating getting a dog - I clearly  have nurturing instincts that haven't found a target here in the UK yet (when you get on first name terms with the squirrels its a sign!)  I've always had at least one dog, and I've loved my dogs to distraction, so the last few years, without a dog to love, have been quite difficult.  We are really torn about the decision to get a dog though: 


  • We both adore dogs and would love a pet to lavish our love and attention on
  • We love walking and the dog would get loads of lovely walks in the woods
  • A dog would add to the enjoyment we get from our walks
  • In normal times, I am alone quite a lot, so it would be really lovely to have a little pet to keep me company.
  • I work from home, so the dog would never be left alone
  • Now that we have no children at home, we'd have plenty of time to train a dog, exercise it and groom it.


  • We live in a flat that doesn't have direct outside access, so it would have to be very much an inside dog (although we would obviously regularly take it outside to the field across the road)
  • We would have to get a pup (I was set on the idea that if we got another dog, it would be a rescue) because we would need to train it to live indoors, to cope with Rox and Jon's cat and dog and to deal with our grandchildren - the rescue place I was keen on won't home a dog to a place where there are regular visits from children under the age of 7.
  • A dog would tie us down a bit - at the moment we have a lock-up-and-go situation
  • I'm a bit nervous about a dog causing disturbance to our neighbours, I'm not used to living in a flat with a pet, so that would be new to me.  Imagine if our dog ended up being a barker?!
  • Pet care is quite expensive here in the UK.

So we have a lot to mull over before we take that step!  For now I will just keep on smiling at all the dogs we pass on our walks (which probably makes me look rather unstable, but what the hell?!)

On the dinner menu: Thai takeaways

Covid-19 stats:
Deaths internationally: 234 718
UK: cases 171 253 and  deaths 26 771 
Cases in Buckinghamshire: 801
South Africa:  5 647 cases,  deaths 103

Lockdown Day 37

Issy-bear finally went home today - it's always a big job to get the little girl to head home.  She struggles terribly with transitions, so it's quite a job to prep her and to successfully move her from one place to another.

With our little darling gone, Grant and I were able to do a lovely 6+ km walk.  We so enjoyed being out and about in the fresh air.  We timed our walk perfectly and managed to get home right before the rain set it - well almost, we got sprinkled on a little towards the end!

The afternoon was spent completing our puzzle.

Steps: 11 674  Distance walked: 7.57 km

On the dinner menu: Pesto chicken bake with steamed veg

Covid-19 stats:
Deaths internationally: 228 611
UK: cases 165 221 and  deaths 26 097 (huge jump due to deaths outside of hospital being added)
Cases in Buckinghamshire: 789
South Africa:  5 350 cases,  deaths 103

Lockdown Day 36

So the grey, rainy weather finally arrived.  We woke to cloudy skies and drizzle today.  

At 11:00 this morning the country held a minute's silence in memory of the health care workers lost to Covid19.  A very sad moment as we reflected on those brave souls who gave their lives helping others fight the disease.

It's good to see our new cases each day are beginning to show a slow, but steady, decline, and the daily deaths are showing a downward trend, even though it isn't yet a steady daily decline.  There seems to be a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.  It is scary to note though, that Germany is already showing a rise in new cases, just days after loosening their restrictions.

Today we had an email from British Airways, offering us a voucher to replace Impi's ticket for his holiday in June/July, so although the writing has been on the wall for some time, we have today finally accepted that Imps will not be visiting us in June this year.  SO sad!  We are trying to put together a plan for perhaps a short holiday in December and then a longer visit in June/July next year, but there are so many uncertainties at the moment, particularly regarding school terms in South Africa (Impi is a teacher) and when social distancing will be a thing of the past, that we can't finalise anything just yet.  Our planned week in Spain in June also looks unlikely to happen.  I'll be glad when it's official as I need to look at getting refunded for that accommodation and also for our Easyjet flights.  It's all so complicated and stressful!

Speaking of stress, our Paula had a bit of a Britney circa 2007 moment.  In her words, she was "sad, bored and over lockdown and needed something fun in her life" so, instead of reaching for a biscuit, which is what I would have done, she reached for the scissors and cut her own hair....  Nope, I have no idea WHAT she was thinking.  While the haircut can't in any way be termed successful, I have to admit she doesn't look quite as bad as Britney did and she certainly added to the day's entertainment value, so for that I'm grateful!

On the dinner menu: steak with crispy, smashed garlic potatoes and roast veg

Covid-19 stats:
Deaths internationally: 216 221
UK: cases 161 145 and  deaths 21 678
Cases in Buckinghamshire: 765
South Africa:  4 996 cases,  deaths 93

Lockdown Day 35

Quite a weird day today - I seem to have been busy all day, but I don't feel like I achieved much... well my "to do" list looks pretty much exactly as it did this morning, if that's anything to go by!

It was good to see Boris Johnson on TV this morning, looking pretty much the same as he did before he knocked on heaven's door a couple of weeks ago, wild hair included (this from someone who has a deeply personal relationship with unruly hair, so no offence intended!)  I thought he spoke well.  I must admit, this Corona business has brought about something of a change in my opinion of Boris.. in fact, I might just vote Tory next time around.

So what did I do today, other than watching Boris on TV?  I homeschooled Issy - that went very nicely and I loved every minute.  (Issy has opted to extend her stay with us this week, and will be heading home tomorrow)  I spent some time trying to buy Ikea furniture - unsuccessfully, most of the items turned out to be "unavailable for home delivery"... frustrating!  I made a couple of phone calls and checked in with my tribe.  I paid my taxes and did my finances and, other than a little bit of housework, that was about it!

Our walk today was extremely short and sweet.  We strolled along the lane on the edge of the woods for about 20 minutes, before Issy decided she was on the verge of dying from thirst.

Steps:5 632 Distance: 3.72

On the dinner menu: Stroganoff (beef for Grant, veggie for me) Issy doesn't eat this type of food, she likes a platter with raw veggies and plain meat for supper every night.

Covid-19 stats:
Deaths internationally: 211 738
UK: cases 157 149 and  deaths 21 092 
Cases in Buckinghamshire: 765
South Africa:  4 793 cases,  deaths 90

Lockdown Day 34

Unbelievably, we woke up to yet another stunning day in the Chilterns!  Unfortunately, the weather looks set to change tomorrow.  With Issy here, there are no major walks planned for today - our girl really hates to exercise.  We do make a point of taking her for a short walk every day that she is with us though, once she's walking she enjoys it (for a limited time), it's just breaking through that initial resistance that is the problem.

The rest of the day was spent caring for Issy, 

baking (Yoghurt cake!) making soup (Italian Bean Soup) and trying our hand at making Dalgona coffee - we used this recipe and it was awesome!

Steps:6 950 Distance: 4.48 km

On the dinner menu: Italian Bean soup with ciabatta

Covid-19 stats:
Deaths internationally: 206 133
UK: cases 152 840 and  deaths 20 732 
Cases in Buckinghamshire: 745
South Africa:  4 546 cases,  deaths 87

Lockdown Day 33

Yet another lovely day today.  My feet are troubling me (an ongoing issue with over-pronation and arthritis) so we kept our walk short today.   We did a little loop through a short section of the woods, through a part of the village, some more wood and then through a field back to our house.  It's a pleasant enough little walk when we want to keep it short and quick.

Other than that, a rather unremarkable day.  Issy came to spend the weekend with us, which is always a pleasure for us.  We have Issy for 2 nights a week - she has Autism, with a PDA profile and lockdown has been extraordinarily hard on both Issy and the rest of the family.  In normal times, Issy comes to me at about 9:30 each day and I homeschool her until lunch time and she then goes home any time between 1pm and 5pm, depending on how she is feeling on the day.  She also usually spends at least one night at our house each week.  Obviously, lockdown is a major disruption to her routine and is resulting in some very difficult behaviours and anxieties.  So a couple of weeks ago, after a particularly harrowing week, we came to the agreement with Rox and Jon that we would have Issy for 2 nights a week, to give them some respite and to alleviate Issy's anxiety that her Nana has "disappeared" out of her life.  We are interpreting the below legislation to mean that we can do this.  

Steps: 7355 Distance: 4.77 km

On the dinner menu: spaghetti tomato and onion bake

Covid-19 stats:
Deaths internationally: 203 684
UK: cases 148 377 and  deaths 20 319 (over 20 000... so sad!)
South Africa:  4 361 cases,  deaths 86

Lockdown Day 32

Such a gorgeous day again today.  Grant and I took another lovely walk in the woods.

We've figured out a couple of lovely routes and we're really enjoying our daily walks.

Steps: 11 191 Distance: 7.26km

On the dinner menu: prawn aglio olio

Covid-19 stats:
Deaths internationally: 194 434
UK: cases 143 464 and  deaths 19 506
Cases in Buckinghamshire: 709
South Africa:  4 220 cases,  deaths 79

Lockdown Day 31

Another perfectly beautiful day in Buckinghamshire!  We have been SO lucky with the weather so far during lockdown.  It has definitely played a part in keeping smiles on our faces.

We took another lovely walk in the woods today.

I was musing today about my feelings regarding lockdown - I feel very conflicted, there are positives and negatives, so I thought I'd list some:

  • I am loving spending loads of quality time with Grant, we've done lots of walking, talking, puzzle-building, tea-drinking and Netflix watching and it's been really lovely
  • It is amazing to see the families out walking together - fathers, mothers, children and dogs all outdoors together, they look so happy!
  • We've loved the fact that we've had plenty of time to settle into our new flat and get all the DIY jobs sorted before Grant gets busy at work again
  • It been lovely to find routes in the woods and to take hour-long walks every day.
  • life has slowed right down, which suits me perfectly. I love having time to do things properly, no rushing around
  • I've reconnected with some friends on social media, which has been nice - I've got a nice little tribe that I correspond with pretty much daily
  • The community spirit on Thursday nights when we clap for the NHS has been amazing.  It's also lovely to see all the rainbows in the windows and the notes to key workers

  • The ever-present anxiety about one of our family members catching the Coronavirus 
  • Financial concerns due to reduced salary
  • Missing our family terribly!  Wishing we could get together for meals
  • So much hand-washing resulting in extra dry skin
  • Missing out on seasonal events - bluebells in Dockey wood and the Great Missenden food festival for instance
  • The fact that we are only allowed out once a day for exercise means that we don't get to do fun things such as sun-downers in the field across the road.
  • Missing out on Spring flowers in the nearby National Trust places
  • Not being able to visit pubs and coffee shops
  • Not being able to see friends face-to-face
  • Worrying about whether our Summer holiday will take place and whether family members from overseas will be able to visit later in the year as planned.

Steps: 12 032 Distance: 7.8km

On the dinner menu: Avo, butternut and halloumi quinoa salad

Covid-19 stats:
Deaths internationally: 191 421
UK: cases 138 078 and  deaths 18 738
Cases in Buckinghamshire: 691
South Africa:  3 953 cases,  deaths 75

Lockdown Day 30

Another beautifully sunny day in the Chilterns!  We got some work done and then headed for a walk at 11:00.  We walked up the hill into Wendover woods today.  I SO love living right next to the woods!  Our walk was absolutely spectacular today.  It started off with some adorable little lambs bleating in the field right next to our path.

We continued up the hill and joined up with the fitness trail that loops through the woods.  I was absolutely delighted to see a section of the woods carpeted with bluebells.  I have been feeling rather sorry for myself, thinking that, thanks to Covid19, we wouldn't get to see the bluebells in Dockey wood this year, and then here was a beautiful display of bluebells right on my doorstep!

We carried on, walking the full fitness loop - such a lovely walk.

I really feel so blessed to live where we do!  

Steps taken: 13 216 Distance: 8.57 km

On the dinner menu: Baked salmon with roast asparagus and new potatoes

Covid-19 stats:
Deaths internationally: 183 520
UK: cases 133 595 and  deaths 18 100
Cases in Buckinghamshire: 681
South Africa:  3 635 cases,  deaths 65

Lockdown Day 29

A relatively slow day for me, but a busy one for Grant, on the work front and also assembling Ikea furniture.  I think the poor man will stage a mutiny if I buy one more piece of furniture from Ikea. On the positive side, he is now fully-equipped to start his own business as an Ikea furniture assembler when he reaches retirement age, so there's that!

The weather was beautiful today, so it was rather a shame that we were cooped up inside.  But I can finally say that our new flat is pretty much sorted now, so from here on out we will be doing a lot more walking, provided we both stay healthy and the weather plays ball.

This evening we took a stroll to the field across the road and watched the Starlink satellites go by.  It was a fun thing to do and we plan to have another look in the coming days provided there is no cloud cover.

On the dinner menu: steak with roast veggies

Covid-19 stats:
Deaths internationally: 174 573
UK:129 044 cases and 17 337 deaths
Cases in Buckinghamshire: 652
South Africa: 3465 cases, 58 deaths

Lockdown Day 28

Wow, 4 weeks of lockdown - it's actually gone really quickly as far as I'm concerned.  I think one of the things that has contributed to this is moving house.  We've been kept very busy with packing, unpacking, painting, sorting out furniture and settling in in general.  The moments that we have had time on our hands have been few and far between.

There are rumbles about Grant going back to "proper" work on the 15 May, so I'm hoping the next couple of weeks will be a bit more relaxed.  I reckon he's going to be very busy making up for lost time once he gets back on the road.  

Grant spent this morning working and this afternoon assembling our wardrobe which arrived today, so once again we didn't go for a walk.  For some unknown reason, I had a really bad night last night, so I haven't exactly been bursting with energy today, so I had a pretty chilled day.  Our Ocado order was delivered this afternoon (I'm lucky to have a delivery slot each Monday for the next couple of weeks, so thankfully the shopping nightmare appears to be over.)  It's quite a performance when the shopping arrives.  I like to be really careful with anything that comes into the house as the virus is believed to survive on some surfaces for up to a few days.  

So when the shopping arrives I wipe down each and every item with a disinfecting wipe.  I then wipe down all surfaces that the packets and unsterilised groceries may have touched and finally give my hands a good wash.  So a job that usually takes a matter of minutes takes significantly longer under these conditions!  I'd rather be safe than sorry though!

On the dinner menu: sausages and mash with peas

Covid-19 stats:
Deaths internationally: 168,134
UK:124,743 cases and 16,509 deaths
Cases in Buckinghamshire: 625
South Africa: 3300 cases, 58 deaths 

Lockdown Day 27

Not much to say about today.  I forgot it was Sunday, so forgot to watch the church service on Facebook live, which was annoying!  I had a pretty slow morning, woke up early, but lay in bed catching up on Facebook and Insta.  Did some housework and then baked a batch of biscuits.  This afternoon we wandered over to Paula and Cal and left some biscuits for them - we saw Paula in the parking lot for a couple of minutes, but made sure to keep our distance - it feels so awkward and weird!  

We then took a short walk in the woods.  

I had a video chat with Impi today - so lovely to catch up.  We are still very uncertain about whether his holiday with us is going to happen.  It seems that some flights will resume mid-June, but who knows what travel restrictions will be in place in South Africa and here at that point?  There wont be much point in him coming to the UK for the first time if he can't go sightseeing in London and to see places like Windsor etc.    Aaaargh!  It is so frustrating not knowing!  

This evening we watched the One World concert on BBC.  I love that the artists are doing stuff like this.  I find these events are bright spots in otherwise dull and samey weeks.

On the supper menu: pizza

Covid-19 stats:
Deaths internationally: 165 083
UK:120 067 cases and 16 060 deaths
Cases in Buckinghamshire: 613
South Africa: 3158 cases, 54 deaths 

Lockdown Day 26

Just another couple of days in lockdown.  At the moment Grant and I are both battling to keep track of the days - it's difficult when there is no discernible weekend!  Today, being Saturday, feels just like any other day!

Nothing remarkable happened today and because we had a bit of rain and wind, we didn't do much walking, just a short wander around the neighbourhood.  Steps today were in the region of 6500.  The last week has really been a bit of a bust when it comes to walking, we need to do better!

Saw these pretty rain-washed tulips on our wander this afternoon:

On the supper menu: Creamy mushroom pasta

Covid-19 stats:
Deaths internationally: 157 669
UK:114 217 cases and 15 464 deaths

Lockdown Day 25

We had quite a productive day at home today.  No walk again as the weather was windy and I refuse to go walking in the wind.

Grant finished painting our passage, which looks SO much better now that all hints of green are banished forever.

I fiddled around in the house: continued working on my recipe folder, did our budget (not looking good!) did our meal plan and grocery order... it's weird how messing around with stuff like this can actually take up an entire day!

The girls and I have got into a routine of at least one group video chat every day and that really lifts the spirits.  I miss my family SO much.  

On the supper menu: Italian steak with stuffed mushrooms and bruschetta
Covid-19 stats:
Deaths internationally: 154 726
UK:108 692 cases and 14 576 deaths
Cases in Buckinghamshire: 565
South Africa: 2783 cases, 50 deaths 

Lockdown Day 24

I woke up this morning feeling a bit miserable - pollen being the cause!  The pollen count is through the roof at the moment and my sinuses don't like it one little bit!  I started on my trusty Septoguard and am taking antihistamine spray and loratadine, so hopefully tomorrow will be a better day on the nasal front.

Although we didn't get out for any exercise today, we did manage to get quite a lot done around the house.  I got stuck into my recipe folder and started to give it a major overhaul - something I have been wanting to do for some time now.  Grant had a very productive day, he worked (as in, actual work work!) and also began painting our passage which was a rather alarming shade of lime green before he got involved there!  (What were they thinking?!)

In other news, in a moment of complete madness, I stepped on the scale this morning!  Big mistake.  HUGE.  With "huge" being the verdict!  Oh boy, lockdown is BAAAAD for the waistline.  

This evening we spent some time on the 1000 piece puzzle we are doing and continued binge-watching One Tree Hill - so a lovely relaxing evening.  We also went outside for the weekly 8pm "clap for the NHS" - always such a special and emotional moment.

It was announced this evening that our lockdown is extended for at least a further 3 weeks.  I believe it is definitely the right decision.  I only wish they could give us some indication of a "best case scenario" time-wise.  Are we likely to be in lockdown for another 3 months?  6 weeks?  6 months?  It's the not knowing that is hard to bear!

On the supper menu: chickpea curry

Covid-19 stats:
Deaths internationally: 147 376
UK:103 093 cases and 13 729 deaths
Cases in Buckinghamshire: 542
South Africa: 2605 cases, 48 deaths 

Lockdown Day 23

I had a much better day today.  I managed to tick a couple of items off my to-do list and even baked some muffins. I definitely think that having some structure to my day helps and also getting up at a decent time.  My gran always used to say "Laat slaapers is almal dom" - translated it means "people who sleep late are stupid" and in the case of her granddaughter, that is definitely true!

Weather-wise it was another beautiful day.  It is such a shame that we are missing out on this lovely time of year by being largely confined inside.  I so wish we had a garden!  I saw a Facebook post about the bluebells appearing in the woods, my heart breaks that we wont be seeing the bluebells this year!  Anyway, we have to find beauty where we are - saw this gorgeous shrub (I think it's a Camellia?) on our walk today.

Steps taken: 10 132  Distance walked: 6.57

On the supper menu: aubergine stacks with tomato and feta, served with ciabatta 

Covid-19 stats:
Deaths internationally: 134 685
UK:98 476 cases and 12 868 deaths
South Africa: 2506 cases, 34 deaths 

Lockdown Day 22

Quite an interesting day from a self-discovery point of view.  I had a really dull, unmotivated, miserable day and eventually decided it was time to pull myself together and figure out what was going on!  On reflection, it was interesting to note that this day, that had me feeling like a slothful lump, came right after a couple of days with no exercise, days when I woke up late, having gone to bed later than usual.  So I decided it was time to change course!  I scheduled in a 5km walk and made a point of going to bed at a decent hour and set my alarm for the morning.  MUCH better!

We went on a really nice 5km walk, through the woods and some open farmland to the canal and back.  On a less nice note, we found it difficult to keep the 2m distance from people on the towpath, and particularly from joggers, whom I have read we should be keeping a 9m distance from!  So, we wont be walking the towpath for the foreseeable future, and I certainly hope we aren't going to come to regret our walk this evening!  

So strange to see a lonely jet stream, usually our skies are full of jet stream, but lately, unsurprisingly, there have been none 

buttercups make me happy!

We saw Paula and Cal briefly today - Grant made some chilli bites for lunch and Paula and Cal took a walk over and enjoyed a few chilli bites while standing on the pavement outside our lounge window!  We stood inside the window and chatted with them, keeping our 2m distance at all times.  Strange way to interact with family, but much appreciated!

Steps taken today: 9704, distance walked: 6.29km

On the dinner menu: Asian salmon with butternut and edamame stirfry

Covid-19 stats:
Over 2 million cases internationally
Deaths internationally: 126 830
UK:93 873 cases and 12 107 deaths
South Africa: 2415 cases, 27 deaths 

Lockdown Day 21

I've had a bit of a low day today - didn't sleep well last night, so I woke up too late this morning and it's left me feeling headachy and a bit miserable.  To top it, my anxiety levels aren't great at the moment, and that coupled with some lousy, windy weather made for a rather off day to say the least.

A bright spot on a rather 'meh' day.

So, no steps to record today!

On the dinner menu: scampi and salad

Covid-19 stats:
Deaths internationally: 117 671
UK: 88 621 cases and 11 329 deaths
South Africa: 2173 cases, 25 deaths 

Lockdown Day 20

A very strange Easter Sunday in lockdown.  Grant and I were up relatively early this morning as we wanted to watch the little ones do their Easter egg hunt (from the comfort of our bed!)

Things started out really good:...

...until Danny found a "snake" on his Easter egg 😂 

We had our online grocery shop delivered at 08:30 this morning.  The excitement was real as it's been a bit of a lottery trying to get a delivery slot for online shopping in the last couple of weeks!  Fortunately they seem to have worked something out and, happily, I have another order coming in a week's time.

We enjoyed participating in the online church service this morning.  I am so grateful to our church for organising, not only the online Sunday service each week, but also prayers each weekday and some beautiful Holy Week services too.  I've probably participated in more church services since lockdown began than I have in the last couple of years, which is rather sad, but true!

Unfortunately we didn't get out for our daily walk today, so I'm not going to even bother recording my steps.

On the supper menu:  pizza!

Covid-19 stats:
Deaths internationally: 110 075
UK: 84 279 cases and 10 612 deaths
South Africa: 2028 cases, 25 deaths (not updated)

Lockdown Day 19

Today started out a little cloudy, but soon the skies were blue and we've had another beautiful day.  Indoors...  Apart from a blissful hour out walking.

We decided to head to the canal today, a change from our usual wander in the woods.  We set out after lunch, walking on the roads for a while, before cutting across some farmland and then walking along the canal, before heading for home.  Normally there are 2 swans at the canal, but they were nowhere to be seen, clearly they are taking the recommendation to "stay at home" very seriously!  We saw a few ducks and a couple of moorhens, but nothing like the numbers that are normally there.  Strange.

Grant was saying today that Easter seems to be an amazing time, weather-wise, in the UK.  We had amazing weather over Easter last year too.  Will have to see if the trend continues next year!

Steps taken: 9896, distance walked: 6.4km

On the supper menu:  We were meant to have chick pea curry with homemade naan tonight, but a) we couldn't find any yeast and b) we feel too hot for curry, so it's going to be penne with homemade pesto.

Covid-19 stats:
Deaths internationally: 107 637
UK: 78 991 cases and 9875 deaths
South Africa: 2028 cases, 25 deaths

I read an interesting article about the Corona situation in South Africa today.  They seem quite puzzled as to why the number of cases has levelled off, although they feel like the strict lockdown may have played a part, they still feel that it is strange that it has levelled off SO much.  Many experts feel it's the calm before the storm, others are wondering whether the fact that all babies are inoculated with the BCG vaccine at birth has played a role, others are wondering about anti-retrovirals playing a part... it remains to be seen I suppose.

Lockdown Day 18

Another gorgeous sunny day in England today, such a shame that we had to spend most of it indoors.  Rox and Jon spent a lot of time in their garden, having a potjie - wish we could have joined them!

Grant and I took a lovely long walk, right up into Wendover Woods.  It was really strange to see the parking lot completely empty, in normal times, it would have been heaving today.

Steps today: 11 750   Distance walked: 7.59 km

On the supper menu: Nana's noodle dish

Covid-19 stats:
Deaths internationally: 99 473
UK: 65 077 cases and 8931 deaths
South Africa: 2003 cases, 24 deaths