Lockdown Day 65

Grant went to work on site this morning, so I used the alone time to catch up on some housework and admin tasks and do a little bit of work too.

We changed up our walk a little today and went for a nighttime stroll instead of our normal daytime walk.  

It was not without excitement!  Grant and I were walking along, in a particularly dark part of the woods when all of a sudden a loud grunting scared the shizzle out of me!  My initial thought was "BUSHPIG!" - quite why that was I don't know because the closest I have ever come to a bushpig is the carcass of one on a spit braai!  But if I were to imagine what a bushpig sounded like, this ghastly noise would be it.  I was petrified and started telling Grant that we need to turn around and go home, and that being out here at night was a bad, BAD idea!  Grant assured me that there was nothing in these woods that was likely to attack me, or eat me... which is exactly where my thoughts were going!  I then pointed out that I follow a group on Facebook called  "Big Cats of the Chilterns".... Grant remained unimpressed.  Next thing a deer came rushing out from the area where the grunting had been happening.  Who knew that deer make grunting noises?!  (I still think maybe a Big Cat was chasing it....)

After a couple more minutes I think Grant could see that I was genuinely quite rattled and he suggested that maybe we turn back, which we did and I did some serious speed-walking all the way home.  The situation was not improved by the sighting of a man in the shadows with a large white dog... just standing there.... Grant is adamant the man was being polite and waiting in the shadows for us to pass in order to maintain social distancing.... I don't think so... I think he was being.... sinister!  I was very glad to get back to the quiet wildlife-free confines of my own home.    Note to self: we wont be going on another late night walk unless there is a large group of us to chase away all the big cats and sinister strangers that may cross our path!

On the dinner menu: Avo, butternut and halloumi quinoa salad

 Steps walked: 7 660 <= but some of those were very fast!!  4.97km

Covid-19 stats:
Deaths internationally: 358 104
UK: cases 267 240 and  deaths 37 460
Buckinghamshire cases: 994
South Africa:  25 937 cases,  deaths 552

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