Lockdown Day 67

After a quiet morning, I met up with Paula and we took Issy for a walk along the avenue in the woods, to the Pirate ship play park.  It is very frustrating to see all this lovely play equipment and yet, because of the pandemic, we can't allow the kiddies to use it, I must say the children have been very understanding about the situation.

It was such a beautiful day today, the weather was absolute perfection.

This evening Grant and I hosted the weekly Quiz Night, always a fun part of the week to look forward to.

After the quiz I (very bravely!) agreed to another nighttime walk in the woods.  We didn't go into the dark part of the woods, so it was all okay and I actually thoroughly enjoyed it.  We did hear some strange animal sounds, but it turned out to be badgers (not Big Cats LOL!) so I was fine with it.  We also saw the "sinister" man again... he turned out not to be at all sinister, so I am going to have to concede this point to Grant....

On the dinner menu: Tuna pasta

 Steps walked: 11 942   Distance: 7.74 km

Covid-19 stats:
Deaths internationally: 367 555
UK: cases 271 222 and  deaths 38 161
Buckinghamshire cases: 997
South Africa:  29 240 cases,  deaths 611

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