Lockdown Day 64

Guys, I just can't seem to ditch this "going to bed late and waking up late" thing!  It's doing my head in!  I really, really need to be getting to bed, at the very least, an hour earlier and then waking up more than an hour earlier.  I don't know if the problem is being on lockdown, or whether it's the fact that it's Summer?  Maybe a bit of both.  But in any event, I need to address this problem because I am getting properly cranky now!

Today was a really warm day.  One thing I have noticed, here in the UK, is that the hottest part of the day isn't at midday, as it is in SA, it seems to be hottest at around 2pm here, sometimes even a little later.  I suppose it makes sense considering that it only gets dark after 9pm currently.  Grant and I went for our walk at about 2pm today and I found it really warm.  We walked up the hill and did the fitness trail.  It was very busy up at the top of the hill, loads of people picnicking and enjoying the warm weather.

Today's flower spotted on our walk is the Dog rose

This afternoon Paula and Cal came over and we had a little sundowner get-together on the lawn outside our flat.  We are making good use of our little patch of grass!

I tried a new dish for supper again tonight, it was SO delicious - I've linked to it below.

Steps walked: 13 272    Distance: 8.61 km

Covid-19 stats:
Deaths internationally: 352 753
UK: cases 265 227 and  deaths 37 048
Buckinghamshire cases: 989
South Africa:  24 264 cases,  deaths 524

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