Lockdown Day 70

Today was the day life really began to return to normal.  Grant has been working in earnest for the last couple of weeks and today I started to homeschool Issy again.  So things are looking very much like they did before lockdown started.  The only real difference is that Grant isn't travelling into London at all and he also isn't doing any overnight site visits.

Today was a big day for our grandson, Daniel, who started his first day of Nursery.  I can't believe the baby in the family is now a 3 year old lad who is off to school!

Today the lockdown restrictions were relaxed a little and we are now allowed to meet outdoors with other people, up to a maximum of 6 people.  So this evening we went to Rox and Jon's house for a braai, for the first time since Mothering Sunday!

On the dinner menu: BBQ

Steps walked: 4104 Distance: 2.12 km

Covid-19 stats:
Deaths internationally: 378 112
UK: cases 276 332 and  deaths 39 045
Buckinghamshire cases:1005
South Africa:  35 812 cases,  deaths 705

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